Whenever science addresses target groups beyond the scientific community, presents the results of research to decision-makers in politics, business and other parts of society, or tries to jointly develop solutions with practitioners, we provide support by taking on the following tasks:

Identification of risks and opportunities: Stakeholder processes can go seriously wrong. The development of worst and best case scenarios explores hidden potentials, prevents damage, and opens windows of opportunity. Which power structures or conflicts have to be taken into account?
Who has to be addressed or involved to achieve the targets? What are the concrete interests of stakeholders? We seek answers to these questions and with these answers provide a foundation for successful communication and stakeholder involvement.

Communication concepts and strategies: Our task is to effectively communicate the important messages to the relevant target groups. This includes the identification and formulation of key messages, conference and workshop design and facilitation, consultancy on PR work and the identification of partners (PR agencies etc.). We regard this as a continuing effort throughout the
whole process of the project.

Dialogues and stakeholder integration: The direct involvement of practitioners in projects and programmes is usually the most effective form of communication. We identify partners for implementing research results, multipliers and intermediaries. We develop concepts and strategies for stakeholder involvement and manage the process of integrating these stakeholders. Working closely with the scientists involved, we develop transfer to practice concepts, marketing strategies for the „products“ of the research projects and approaches to ensure the continuity of research work and implementation.