Do you intend to propose a project in an implementation-oriented or applied research programme? Are you facing the challenge of integrating different disciplines into a truly inter- or even transdisciplinary project and research process? Are you coordinating an outcome-driven research project?
To meet these challenges we offer:

Project design: Experience shows that the time and energy invested in the basic integration structure during the development of a proposal can save much time and energy during the project. We provide support with identifying the targets and objectives of the project, developing the project’s structure and set- up, as well as finding suitable funding.

Integration of disciplines and stakeholders: Inter- and transdisciplinary research needs a continuous process of communication, knowledge management and integration. In some cases, it also needs implementation partners. We design and facilitate this process in close cooperation with the project team. Scientists who have taken on the challenge of inter- and transdisciplinarity acknowledge the new quality of working together with colleagues and the advantage of integrated results.