Are you looking for strategic alliances and long-term partners? Do you want to develop competences in implementation-oriented science and transdisciplinarity? Does your institution intend to sharpen its profile in the field of global change research?
We support your institution in developing a successful strategy, taking a marketing perspective.

Profile development: Your profile distinguishes your institution from every other institution in your field. It makes your institution recognizable and emphasizes your special competences. It sharpens your image and influences what your institution stands for.

Cluster development and cooperation strategies: The complex topics of sustainable development and global change call for inter- and transdisciplinary research teams. In an age of „Centres of Excellence“ and „Clusters of Competence“, most research institutions have to think about cooperation. We help to find partners who suit each other and to build long-term alliances.

Products and marketing strategies: We develop a marketing strategy for your institute or science cluster based on an analysis of your competitors as well as potential sources of funding. We suggest suitable „products“ based on our analyses of implementation-oriented outcomes.

Communication concepts: We develop a communication concept incorporating all the aspects mentioned above.